Kelkar Museum Project

Our class visited the Kelkar Museum in Pune on February 22nd, 2014. It contains the collection of Dr. Kelkar, who dedicated it to the memory of his son, Raja. The three-storey museum houses various sculptures dating back to the 14th century and ornaments made of ivory, silver and gold, musical instruments and war weapons.

You can read more about the visit in this post.

Over the weeks that followed our visit, the children worked in teams on making replicas of some of their favourite exhibits using resources such as cardboard and coloured clay.

The students who were in charge of the page in the magazine are listed below followed by a snapshot of the page.

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AuthorVinit Mohite

DesignRutuja Chavan and Sonu Mhaske

Photo SelectionGoraksha Adhav and Sanket Jadhav

TypingSunny Waghmare

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