About the Author

I am an educator based in Bangalore, India whose interest lies in K-12 math pedagogy and understanding how students perceive and learn mathematics. I completed my bachelor's degree in electronics engineering in 2013 and went on to teach English and mathematics to primary and secondary grades in two different schools in Pune, India as part of the Teach For India fellowship. Thereafter, I worked as a math content developer at Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. (EI) on a learning platform called Mindspark before going on to obtain a master's in education (specialising in learning and teaching) in 2018. Upon completing my master's, I worked as a content and product developer at EI for 4 years.

Currently, I head the assessments team at Centre for Teacher Accreditation for all subject tracks. By the side, I continue to teach math online to middle school and high school children in 1-to-1 classes.

A photo of me with some of my 5th standard students at the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) in Pune while on a field trip.