On the last day of the ASSET Summer Programme (ASP), parents were invited to a showcase where the instructor, teaching assistants and students set up the classroom to showcase their learning. With ten courses being offered and classes varying in size from 6 students to 20 students, there was a buzz of excitement in the air. For many kids, the experience at the programme was the first time they had stayed away from home for an extended duration so they were thrilled to see their parents and show them what they had learned!

Setting up the class!

Some of the colourful charts that our students designed are shown below.

Each child (or team of 2 children) was responsible for one of the exhibits and stayed in the vicinity of their exhibit for the duration of the showcase. These exhibits were charts (for some of the more theoretical concepts that we learned), models (for instance, flexagons and solids) or activities (like actually playing the Game of Nim with parents!). We arranged the class in the shape of a 'U' so that parents and guests could easily walk around and hear from different students.

Gradually, visitors began to enter our class and our children animatedly explained the various mathematical ideas that they had learned over the course!

The ASP was an enriching learning experience for me. I learned a lot from Jayasree Ma'am and am indebted to all my students - Atharva, Harshavardhan, Jay, Karan, Kaushal, Kian, Kriti, Manav, Nidhirr, Param, Rhea, Sanjana, Sarthak, Sharath and Sidharth - for being an integral part of a course that further opened my eyes to the inherent beauty of mathematics.


  1. This reminded me of all the fun times at ASP... It reminded me of all the things I miss about ASP... Truly the most wonderful experience I've ever had. Thank you for all the good times, Sir!

    1. Really happy that you liked it, Sanjana! :-)

      You children were an integral part of the good times and I'm fortunate to have taught and learned so much from all of you. :-)


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