Reflection Journals

As a class, we spent half an hour to 45 minutes each Saturday writing in our reflection journals. These were opportunities for my students to reflect on the week gone by in school - academically, behaviourally, socially and emotionally. It was also a great way for my kids to work on their spelling and writing skills. I used to collect their journals and read them over the weekend which gave me a window into their lives and thoughts. Complaints and disagreements raised in their writing were discussed as a class during our Monday morning meeting while personal matters remained between the child and me. My children treasured their journals and designed them quite beautifully!

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AuthorRasool Ahamad

DesignSahil Sonde

Picture Selection: Abhijeet Gaikwad

TypingRohit Chuthmal and Sonu Mhaske

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  1. Such a brilliant idea. A good way to understand what bothers the students in the class and also a glimpse into their lives and emotions!

    1. Thank you! :-)

      Yes, this activity was one of my most regular and favourite parts of the fellowship. :-)


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