Extra Class

My 5th standard students had a range of reading levels and numeracy skills - from struggling with basic words and subtraction to fluently reading at grade level and manipulating numbers. Being a single teacher in a class with 40 children for 90 minutes a day meant that I had to carry out differentiated lessons for 2 hours after school, Monday to Saturday. I worked with students who were struggling the most on Mondays and Tuesdays; the kids who were performing at the average on Thursdays and Fridays; and with children who were strong with grade level content and could be exposed to more challenging material on Wednesdays and Saturdays. These three groups each had between 6-10 students as not all students were available after school. We spent about one to one and a half hours each on English and mathematics. These extra sessions also helped me know my kids on a more personal level.

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AuthorAudumber Gaikwad

DesignRakesh Devasi and Yash Kamble

Picture Selection: Supriya Chuthmal and Nikhil Raut

TypingKartik Vairagar

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